How Filming Star Wars Changed Adria Arjona’s Relationship With Makeup

portrait of actor adria arjona wearing a cream colored silk button down blouse. she stands in front of a pink backdrop...Courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty

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"I got reunited with my mom this year and that was really special. I hadn't seen her in so long and when I hugged her for the first time — after quarantining, and getting tested, and doing the whole thing — she was wearing My Way," says Adria Arjona, who is the face of the newest iteration of the fragrance, Giorgio Armani My Way Intense. "Now, this has upped the meaning of the perfume for me even more because it reminds me of someone that I love — and I smell like it, too."

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The original My Way, a blend of tuberose, vanilla, and bergamot — an "uplifting, joyful smell," as she describes it — has become Arjona's "everyday perfume." For her, My Way Intense (quite literally intensified with sandalwood) is more of a statement: "I find it sexy. If you want an armor of confidence, you can spray it on, walk down the street, and feel great," Arjona tells Allure.

The star of the soon-to-be-released Marvel film, Morbius, and Disney+'s Star Wars prequel series, Rogue One, radiates with confidence as we chat on Zoom — and in the unretouched campaign images of My Way. Here, Allure catches up with Arjona and learns just how she manages to always exude so much charisma.

headshot of actor adria arjona in a peach topCourtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty

On her new self-care ritual: "Before [COVID], my beauty routine was about looking nice wherever I would go. Throughout this whole year, it's transitioned in a positive way. The main thing that’s changed is the importance that I give it and the time I give it. I've promised myself now that I'm back to work and traveling, to maintain that, no matter how late or early it is. Not to look good, but to take care of myself. I've fallen in love with it."

On quality time: "My nighttime routine is my favorite. It's where I strip down the whole day and get ready for bed. I really take my time with it. I have to double cleanse. I use an oil-based cleanser from Emma Hardy, which smells so good. It has orange blossoms and I’m a huge fan. And then I use the Tatcha The Rise Wash [which she discovered on the set of Star Wars]. I make sure I don't have any residue on my face and then go through my serums and my moisturizer. Most of the time it's Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum. And I make sure I have either a candle or music just to kind of wind down from the day."

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On her favorite artist from her playlist: "It's a quirky one [laughs]. His name is Blaze Foley. It’s really old country music — and it's relaxing. I'm in love with him and all his music."

On making connections: "The whole philosophy of My Way is about opening your horizons. It's about listening. It's about diving into other cultures. And doing the research and having the knowledge. And making eye contact with someone else and connecting. I think that makes everyone a better person. If we were just to be able to connect, the world would be much more of a happier place. It's about being joyful and finding your own journey, paving your own path, and doing things your specific way. Everyone can choose that journey."

On the product always in her bag: "Lip balm is a must. Armani has a really good one called Ecstasy Balm and it comes in all different shades. It's very subtle. The orange one is my favorite. It's just a tiny little bit of tint and I put it on and on and on all day."

On experimenting: "Usually, I have a bare face and red lips. Now, I'm really into monochromatic tones. Especially on Star Wars, we used a lot of browns and shading. I always felt like it would flatten my face out. But I've fallen in love with keeping my cheeks and eyes and lips in the same tones. That was very much inspired by both Star Wars and Morbius. One of my favorite products was the Giorgio Armani Neo Nude A-Contour. It's miraculous. It's dummy-proof contouring."

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On the power of scent: "Fragrance really finalizes a look. Whatever it is that you're wearing, whatever makeup it is that you decided to do that day, or hair, or anything, your fragrance sort of locks it all in. People can sense it before they really see you. They can smell it before they really lock eyes with you. I love that."

On lessons learned: "I'm not a firm believer that everyone is extremely confident. I think it's almost like an armor suit that you have to put on and then all of a sudden it sort of sticks to you. I think taking that leap and jumping and being like, 'I'm terrified of this. I'm just going to boom…I'm going to do it.' This sort of gives me a lot of confidence. Pretending to be confident, gives me confidence. Fake it till you make it."

Kylie Jenner’s Take on Freddy Krueger Is Way More Glamorous Than the Original

Kylie Jenner and Freddy KruegerCourtesy of brand/Getty Images

When you think of glamorous 1980s movie characters that have earned beauty-icon status, you may think of Lisa from Weird Science, Elvira Hancock from Scarface, or any of the Witches of Eastwick. Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street? Not so much. But leave it to Kylie Jenner to see the horror villain through fresh, fully lined eyes.

On Tuesday, October 5, Jenner posted a stunning photo to Instagram in which she's wearing a catsuit made to resemble Freddy Krueger's burn-scarred skin. Her pulled-back hair culminates in sleek bangs separated into four sculpted pieces. And of course, her manicure is made up of super long, metallic silver, pointy nails that recall Freddy's signature knife-finger glove.

It would be understandable if Jenner was just getting off to an early start on Halloween costumes — the Kardashian-Jenner clan is known for going full-throttle on the holiday — but the photo is actually a promo shot for a new Kylie Cosmetics collaboration with A Nightmare on Elm Street. In her Instagram Stories, Jenner revealed all of the products in the collection accompanied by a sufficiently creepy soundtrack.

Instagram content

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First up is a Lip Lacquer Trio in tubes that look blood-splattered. She swatches the nude-pink Only a Dream, peachy-red Elm Street, and mauve-brick Never Sleep Again shades on her arm to show off their rich, glossy color. Next is the Pressed Powder Palette, which contains 12 pans of matte and shimmery neutral and red-toned eye-shadow shades, not to mention a dark teal shade called Gonna Get You. 

Kylie Cosmetics Nightmare on Elm Street Lip Lacquer TrioInstagramKylie Jenner Nightmare on Elm Street Pressed Powder PaletteInstagram

Kylie also shows off the false lashes in the collection. "I love pre-cut lashes, so I wanted to do these pre-cut lashes for you guys," Jenner says in the clip. "They're so soft. They look so pretty on the eye, and I just love being able to customize my own lash."

Kylie Jenner Nightmare on Elm Street lashesInstagram

And finally, there's the Lip and Cheek Jelly Stain, which Jenner says is a brand-new formula. "It has a really cool texture," she says, adding that it gives a light, pretty wash of color.  

Kylie Cosmetics Nightmare on Elm Street Lip and Cheek Jelly StainInstagram

The Kylie x A Nightmare on Elm Street collection launches on October 12. Jenner's new launches tend to sell out quickly, but with millions of Freddy fans in the queue, there's no doubt that this will fly off shelves especially fast, so definitely don't sleep on it.

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