Dr. Jart+’s Cicapair Tiger Grass Mask Is Like a Soothing Blanket for My Face

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I have a confession: I've completely fallen off of doing a proper nightly skin-care routine. Much of it has to do with what seems like a pandemic-induced elimination of time. Hours and days just blur together. Thankfully, this year's Best of Beauty Award testing gave me plenty of incentives to get my schedule and skin back in shape. Through the sea of products that I put to work, a gem emerged to meet my ongoing skin woes: Dr. Jart+'s Tiger Grass Sleepair Intensive Mask.  

Before diving into what makes this mask so great, and why I love it — let me first give you a very brief history of my nightly skin-care routine. I wash my face, slather on face oil, and go to bed. That's it. End of story. However, over the years as my skin needs have evolved, I've slowly added steps and products to the to-dos. I'll stick on pimple patches when needed, try retinol serums, eye creams, lip treatments, you name it. I've found that what I'm able to stick to most consistently are multitasking products — and Dr. Jart+'s Tiger Grass Sleepair Intensive Mask has been a pleasant cure-all for my ongoing skin concerns. 

The universal thread that remains a constant is my skin's desire for moisture — and this is one of the biggest benefits of this new addition to Dr. Jart+'s Cicapair collection. The sleep mask looks to star ingredient tiger grass, also known as cica or Centella asiatica — a leafy green herb that has used for centuries for its regenerative powers — to attract moisture to the skin and deeply soothe irritation. 

Board-certified dermatologist Shari Marchbein, who is based in New York City previous explained to Allure that cica not only helps brighten skin, but also increases hydration in the top layer. "Cica boosts circulation and blood flow to the skin, decreases moisture loss, and aids in cellular repair," she says. "Skin, therefore, appears more hydrated and less inflamed." This formula in particular also contains moisturizing glycerin and skin-smoothing niacinamide to add an extra layer of nourishment. 

At first swipe, I was a bit hesitant. My mom used to coat my face in petroleum jelly as a child and I instantly had flashbacks to five-year-old me glistening to the Gods then nearly sliding out of my seat in school because I was covered in the stuff. This mask has a similar jelly-like viscosity, except it's not as thick, nor is it too liquidy. It's also not wet like a gel moisturizer. Instead, the mask coats skin in what feels like a protective, moisturizing barrier. 

Dr Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Sleepair Intensive Mask Soothes Skin While You Sleep  ReviewCourtesy of Nykia Spradley for Allure

I washed my face with the Elemis Superfood Face Wash, and then applied the mask. I intentionally slathered it on about 45 minutes before bed so that I could see how it felt. My skin instantly felt soothed. I imagine this to be a dream for sunburned or irritated skin. It was like a veil of calm coating my skin. 

Before I laid down the slickness of the mask had dissipated a bit, but a layer of the jelly was still very visible on my face. In the morning, I was surprised that it hadn't all rubbed off onto my pillow. I could still feel a thin layer of the moisturizer present, but it wasn't sticky. I rinsed my face with warm water – rubbing of the excess — and honestly, I didn't even need to apply another layer of moisturizer. Mornings when I'll actually be heading outside, all I'll need to add is a facial sunscreen, and then be on my way. 

Dr.Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Sleepair Intensive Mask on white background

Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Sleepair Intensive Mask

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Pick up your own Dr. Jart+'s Cicapair Tiger Grass Sleepair Intensive Mask now for $39 at sephora.com. And while you're here, be sure to check out all of this year's Best of Beauty 2021 Award Winners. 

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Hydrating Beauty Products Your Skin Will Thank You For

The Everygirl’s product selections are curated by the editorial team. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We only recommend products we genuinely love.


This morning, I woke up with a cold. Sniffly, congested, scratchy, achy, stuffy, drowsy—a classic cold. And dammit, I was excited, because you know what it means? Fall is finally here, and I can leave my windows open for a breeze instead of paying out the wazoo to blast my A/C to make it feel that way. All the sweaters I pulled out of my storage a month ago can finally see the light of day, and the fall Trader Joe’s haul is more than a daydream. But this fall, what I’m not looking forward to is dry skin. Luckily I’m prepared and reaching for my hydrating beauty products a little bit earlier than usual. 

Last year, my skin erupted in dry patches and irritation galore, ultimately wavering into dehydration territory. Even a facialist told me my skin was all out of sorts. It took months to get my skin back to a normal place, so this year, I’m putting in the extra prep work to hydrate my skin now to avoid getting to a place of no return when it’s perpetually 20 degrees. It’s crunch time, so here are the beauty products that are adding hella moisture to my skin: 


Daily Treatment Oil

Adding an oil to your routine is a no brainer if you want to deeply nourish and hydrate your skin, but Equilibria’s Daily Treatment Oil takes it to a whole new level. This contains 500 mg of full-spectrum CBD, and I notice it reduces redness overnight and calms my skin when it flares up. I love using this with my gua sha for a really deep, relaxing facial massage. I wake up with soothed skin every time I use this before bed. Over time, the results have compounded, and I’ve noticed my skin is less reactive and sensitive since I first started using the product.

Use code theeverygirl for 20% off your first order at Equilibria!

Shop it now


The Rich Cream

If you’re going to splurge on a cream, the Augustinus Bader is it. The who’s-who of Hollywood swears by its ability to deeply moisturize and breathe life into skin. Our writer cut down her routine to just this and a cleanser, and her skin improved ten-fold.

But if this product is a bit out of reach right now, don’t fret—these affordable options are almost as good.

Shop it now


The Super Hydrator

Clocking in at about $100 in savings from the Augustinus Bader, this cream is a great option for those who want something more lightweight with lots of hydration power. Coined by the brand as a “Trojan horse for dry, damaged skin,” this product combines anti-aging ingredients with major hydrators (like top-notch hyaluronic acid, shea butter, squalane, avocado oil, and argan oil, to name a few). If you’d prefer to have one product in your routine that does it all, opt for this—you’ll notice a major result with half the products.

Shop it now


Triple Lipid Restore Moisturizer

If you’d prefer a classic thick, heavy moisturizer this time of year, Skinceuticals is my pick (and many dermatologists’ too). This is full of ceramides, fatty acids, and essential oils that plump skin and fight environmental and free-radical damage, making it ideal for someone who’s looking to add anti-aging benefits without giving up their thick, occlusive moisturizer at bedtime.

Shop it now


Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

Splurging on a cleanser is something I don’t typically recommend, but if your’e going to do it, invest in a good cleansing balm.

Elemis’ feels nourishing and soothing as you use it. Instead of feeling like residue, it just makes your skin feel so soft and smooth. Plus, it’s so good at removing makeup that on your driest of days, you could forgo your second cleanse in favor of reaping the benefits of this all night instead.

Shop it now

Buttah Skin

Whipped Body Butter

Your body is arguably the area that needs the most attention this fall, especially after you just put it through the wringer on all your beach and pool days, leaving you dry and itchy. Save it with a thick, nourishing body butter like this one from Buttah. All in the name, this will make your skin feel the best it has ever felt, thanks to its single-ingredient, Virgin Organic Unrefined Shea Butter from Africa. It’s a rich cream that makes your skin actually feel moisturized instead of just leaving an oily film. Trust us, your skin will thank you.

Shop it now

Tata Harper

Regenerating Exfoliating Cleanser

Anyone with dry skin knows the importance of exfoliating away all the dead skin that tends to build up, whether in the form of dry patches or dullness. But a good exfoliator doesn’t come easy to dry skin—they can often be dehydrating and irritating. But we found a unicorn in Tata Harper’s Exfoliating Cleanser. Using both BHA and a physical exfoliant, this helps reveal brighter, smoother skin after just a few uses. We also love the addition of various natural oils, like sunflower and olive oil, that leave your skin soft and supple after exfoliating.

Shop it now

Dr. Jart+

Ceramidin Liquid

Keeping your moisture barrier intact and strong is essential to voiding off the harsh effects of the best season of the year, and Dr. Jart’s Ceramidin Liquid does it better than anything else. It’s a light, moisturizing toner with a proprietary blend of five ceramides that not only hydrate from within but also strengthen your moisture barrier to keep it moisturized on its own. It’s an easy extra layer of moisture in your routine, but it makes a massive difference.

Shop it now

Shani Darden Skin Care

Intensive Eye Renewal Cream

Normally this time of year, I’d already be waking up with red, crusty eyes, thanks to my allergies. But I’ve been using this the past month, and my eyes are in tip-top shape. I consider this the “Goldilocks of eye creams” because it does everything you want, all in one product: moisturizes, soothes, plumps, brightens, and smoothens. It contains peptides—a powerhouse anti-aging ingredient—squalane, niacinamide, silk tree extract, and ceramides that all hydrate deeply to plump up lines and decrease the appearance of bags and dark circles.

Shop it now


Immersion Serum Concentrate

This is the gold standard when it comes to hydrating serums, and if you were looking to add one extra hydration step to your routine, make it this. Immersion is a concentrated serum with a blend of vitamins C, B5, and E and beta-glucan to actually prevent moisture loss before it happens and boost moisture retention while it’s at it. It’ll help you get to that consistently moisturized state you’re looking for.

Shop it now


Lip Sleeping Mask

The first thing to go every season is your lips. You know the first morning you wake up with chapped, crusty lips that fall is here, and unless you get a handle on it right then, you’re pretty much stuck with dry lips until we see the blooms in the spring. Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask stops dryness in its tracks. After one night of using this mask, your lips appear more hydrated and smooth. It gets rid of even the driest of lips in one night’s rest. It’s so hydrating, our editors even say they wake up with plump lips after using this.

Shop it now


Glowscreen Sunscreen SPF 40

Sunscreen can also align with your skincare goals, and if you’re looking to get moisturized, Glowscreen will hydrate your skin every time you put it on. Supergoop! formulated this with hyaluronic acid, B5, and peptides to actually nourish your skin while protecting it from the sun and blue light. Plus, the glowy pearl finish doesn’t cling to dryness and makes you look lit from within every time you wear it.

Shop it now


Like Butter Mask

If you and eczema get reacquainted every fall, meet Like Butter. Made for dry, dehydrated, eczema-prone skin, this thick, viscous mask soothes and replenishes the skin during flare-ups. I use this once a week as an overnight treatment to reduce redness and encourage my eczema to play fairly with me, and I always bring it on flights and long car rides when I know my skin will act up. Since I started using the product a year ago, I can count on one hand the number of flare-ups I’ve had.

Tip: Don’t hesitate to try this on your hands or anywhere else you get eczema in the fall and winter—it works all over!

Shop it now

Alastin Skincare

Restorative Neck Complex

While all of our moisturizing products can be used on the neck, the skin there is so thin and delicate that a dedicated product to address areas of concern, like tech neck, is recommended. Alastin’s Restorative Neck Complex is a daily one-step treatment that addresses all of your major concerns—fine lines and wrinkles, crepey skin, and lack of moisture—thanks to their Tri-Hex Technology that stimulates production of both collagen and elastin to achieve smoother, firmer skin. It’s a lightweight cream you can easily apply morning and night that works well with all the other products in your routine, so no pilling or harsh reactions expected.

Shop it now

Fenty Skin

Glycerin Hand Mask

Just Rih, giving us the products we didn’t know we needed. This overnight hand mask is an upgrade from the days we used to slather our hands in Vaseline before bed, and its results are much favored. Say goodbye to chapped, dry, itchy hands, because this product—containing 40 percent glycerin, a humectant that locks in moisture and keeps your skin supple—will basically get rid of it all overnight.

Shop it now

KNC Beauty

Face Mask Set

A sheet mask won’t completely change your skin in one use, but making it a habit and doing them consistently will. Especially when used in the morning as a serum step instead of as your last step at night, a sheet mask often is a targeted way to get really good ingredients in your skin. These three masks from KNC are packed with moisturizing ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, jasmine oil, aloe, almond oil, and more to soothe redness and irritation and moisturize dehydrated skin. If you’re sick of putting makeup onto a dry, patchy base, try using a sheet mask beforehand and thank us later.

Shop it now


Did Your Skin Just Become So Dry? Here’s Why



This post is sponsored by Equilibria, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

We Tried Jennifer Aniston’s Self-Care Routine

Source: Getty Images

You know those article headlines that make your heart stop when you come across them (or is that just a weird me-thing)? Imagine my excitement when I came across this story on Vogue about Jennifer Aniston’s self-care routine and her secrets to looking (and feeling!) as good as she does. Yes, please! After reading the entire interview about five times through, I was inspired. As a wellness editor who loves a good self-care ritual almost as much as I loved every season of Friends, I wanted to get as close as I could to being Jennifer Aniston and try out every detail of her self-care routine for one week.


A photo of this week’s mood, for reference:

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Jennifer Aniston (@jenniferaniston)


So what happened when I swapped out my self-care rituals for a Hollywood A-lister’s? Did I achieve her effortless beauty and lit-from-within glow? Did Jen and I (finally) become best friends, as having the same rock-solid self-care routine would make happen? Read on for Jennifer Aniston’s self-care rituals I added to my routine based on her interview with Vogue and my experience trying out each of them.


1. No phone for the first hour after waking

The first step in Jen’s self-care routine is probably what I need the most: less phone time. As someone who rolls over and checks Instagram within 30 seconds of waking up, it’s definitely time for a morning routine makeover. As for the details (we’re all about the details), Jennifer keeps her phone stored elsewhere and uses iPods or old iPhones for alarm clocks and sleep apps (which I probably would too if I was paid a billion dollars every time a Friends episode aired). But alas, no television fortune or spare iPhone for me, so I charged my phone across the room and forced my boyfriend to set an alarm on his phone for me (I cannot risk the temptation of turning off the alarm on my own phone when TikTok is just a click away). 

Jen talks about finally checking her phone after about an hour to find text messages wondering where she is, which I can only assume is from her team of assistants, BFF Courtney Cox, or maybe Brad Pitt finally realizing he can’t live without her (we’ve known that for 20 years, Brad!). I don’t have a team of assistants or Brad Pitt caring about why I haven’t answered their texts, but at least my boss would notice if I was MIA, right?

At the end of the week, I have to be honest: My mornings were so much better. I had more time to fit in meditation (more on that below), and I swear I felt less stressed when the first thought of my day was not centered around catching up on other people’s lives or texts I had missed. I’m even inspired to keep my current phone when I get a new one just to use it for sleep apps and alarm clocks. That’s some bougie ish, but it’s also pretty genius. 


2. Use the Pattern app

While this is technically not a core piece of her self-care routine, Jennifer did mention that her phone is reserved for texts, emails, and the Pattern app, of which I needed to try. If it’s good enough for Jennifer Aniston, it’s good enough for me (also, it’s free, so I’m down). I had never heard of Pattern, and TBH, it kind of blew my mind. It uses data to help you better understand yourself and others for the purpose of deeper connections. In a world where most of our screen time is spent watching people we don’t know dance or cook feta pasta, it was cool to spend some time exploring my personality and what’s going on in my life.

You can use it as a tool to understand yourself better, a reference to make goals (it gives you peak days/times), or even as a way to connect with people who share similar personalities and values. Think of it like a dating app, only instead of swiping left on gym selfies, you’re matched based on your deepest personality traits. I learned that I’m self-critical, deep, and passionate and also that I need to let go of the past (my therapist has been telling me that for years). It’s actually cool, and I thank the app gods and Jennifer Aniston for bringing such a fascinating tool into my life for free.


3. DIY a collagen latte

Probably the best thing to come out of this experiment is that I finally know Jennifer Aniston’s coffee order. Scratch that—she calls it a coffee routine. So when I order Starbucks, I will no longer tell the barista that a grande cold brew with one pump hazelnut and an inch of coconut milk is my order, it’s my coffee routine. In a pleasantly surprising twist of events, Jen’s morning coffee is pretty doable. She adds a scoop of collagen from Vital Proteins, a dash of cinnamon, and a packet of Stevia because she has a sweet tooth. Meanwhile, she steams her almond milk while this concoction is forming and will occasionally indulge in her guilty pleasure, hazelnut Coffee Mate (that’s the relatable queen we know and love!).

Luckily, for this experiment, I already had a milk frother ready to go, a gallon of almond milk on hand, and some collagen that I typically add to smoothies. I prefer the taste of iced coffee, but I quickly learned that collagen plus iced coffee does not equal a Jen-approved superfood latte. Collagen needs heat to dissolve or else it will turn into goop at the bottom of your cup (and not that kind of Goop). But once I nailed the hot coffee routine, I liked knowing I was getting some extra nutrients and protein in my coffee. 


4. Be mindful of what your eyes and ears ingest

PSA: Your mouth and stomach are not the only body parts that digest. Jen is protective of her boundaries by limiting news sources, social media, and negative content. It makes me really happy that Jen is protecting herself because I would protect her at all costs. But this is actually a really great point because health is not only about choosing the best way to nourish our bodies with food but also about how to nourish our minds and souls. The podcasts we listen to, the people we spend our time with, the shows we binge on Netflix, the accounts we follow on Instagram, and the way we speak to ourselves (and others) are all things that feed us too. 

I always try to be conscious of this by unfollowing or muting accounts that don’t serve me, watching comedies that make me happy over horror movies or sad shows, and limiting news to what I absolutely need to know. But this week, I was not only thinking about what not to watch, listen to, and read, I also made a conscious effort to consume more of what to watch, listen to, and read. Instead of scrolling through Instagram or watching Netflix, I read inspiring books and listened to motivating podcasts. To no one’s surprise, it was truly the most motivated I had been in a long time (and not just because I’ve been comparing myself to Jennifer Aniston a little too much). 


5. Meditate after making coffee

Spoiler alert: Meditation was by far the most drastic change that came out of this week for me. It’s something I always think I should do but never really make time for. I tell myself I’ll meditate after I take my dog out, on my lunch break, or before bed, but it just never happens. Having a specific time built in to meditate (i.e. right after making coffee) was the game-changer because I actually did fit it in. 

Jen explained that she meditates after “a few sips of coffee,” so I panicked because I wasn’t sure if she takes the rest of the coffee with her to meditate (will that be a distraction and ruin the purpose?) or lets her coffee sit there and get cold after a few sips (maybe normal for the rich and famous?). I need a detailed play-by-play, Jennifer! I ended up sitting down on my couch with my bougie latte in hand for about five minutes of meditation (I couldn’t let collagen go to waste). 

Jen uses Insight Timer, so I used it and tried the courses she mentioned: lowering anxiety and how to create gratitude and abundance. Through this experiment, I learned that I definitely prefer guided meditations. There’s way too much going on in my little brain to sit in quiet stillness, and I don’t always know what to write when journaling. Insight Timer achieved what it promised for me—I instantly felt a little less anxious throughout the day, and I also felt major gratitude. This is nothing groundbreaking to the self-care world, but I give a morning meditation 5/5 stars. 


6. Adopt a pro-aging mindset

As someone in their mid-twenties, whether I’m for or against aging is not a topic I’ve put much thought into. I like to think I’d already be “pro” because I regularly pretended to be 21 years old before I actually was. But I think we can all agree that of all celebs, Jennifer Aniston is the first one to come to mind when thinking of the buzzphrase “aging gracefully.” Not only does she look phenomenal at every age (like, how?), but it also seems like she hasn’t resisted getting older. Rather, she’s slightly adjusted her hair, beauty, routine, and relationships to each phase in her life without trying to look like Season 1 Rachel Green. 

The biggest lesson I got from Jennifer Aniston’s pro-aging mindset is also something I’ve learned from my mom’s aging mentality: We are lucky to be able to get older because a lot of people don’t get the chance. I’m sure I’d feel less hunky dory about it when I get crow’s feet and gray hairs, but I do believe there’s something to be said about enjoying every age of life instead of wishing we could be younger. This week, I made an effort to make decisions for my future self by eating fruits and veggies, getting enough sleep, and moving my body, knowing that taking care of myself now is an investment in my future self. As Mrs. Aniston (Jen’s mom) used to say, “This is about longevity. It’s a privilege to grow old, but we don’t have to grow sick.” 


7. Keep learning and educating yourself

It’s totally relatable that Jen casually mentioned to her manager that she wanted to educate herself more, so her manager arranged conversations with icons like Jay Shetty, Jessica Yellin, and David Sinclair (to be read in your best Chandler Bing-level sarcasm). I guess when you’re an icon yourself, you have access to all the other icons. But as a total wellness nerd who loved school (yeah, I was that girl), I love that learning is a key part of Jen’s self-care routine. The goal of wellness is really just growth: growing in health, growing in self-love, and growing in knowledge. When we’re constantly learning, we’re constantly growing.

I always make an effort to attend lectures, listen to podcasts, and read books to grow my health knowledge, but the major change from this week was how I saw those efforts. I typically see education as an extension of my career, like I’m staying up-to-date to be the best I can be at my job. But seeing it instead as a way to care for myself really transformed what I got out of it. Education, even in the name of a career, helps us grow as people, not just as a job title. If you ask me, that’s caring for yourself more than a face mask or smoothie ever could.


8. Supplement your health with products that work

To quote Jennifer Aniston quoting Dr. Sinclair, “As we age, our cells start to shut down and the lights in our body turn off. But you can turn those lights, those genes, back on.” One of the ways Jennifer likes to turn those genes back on and age as healthy as possible is through tried and true supplements, like the aforementioned collagen (she uses Vital Proteins, of which she is chief creative officer for the brand).

I’m typically wishy-washy with my supplements. I’ll get excited about a new multivitamin and take it religiously for a couple of weeks before forgetting about it altogether, or I know I feel my best when I’m consistent with my probiotics but can’t always seem to remember to take them. This week, I was more consistent than I’ve typically been with taking the supplements and vitamins my doctor and I decided were best for me. A major shift was (yet again) mindset: Rather than just another thing I was “supposed” to do, I thought of these supplements as another way to invest in my future self and to “keep the lights in my body turned on” as I get older. You bet I won’t forget to take my multivitamin again. 


The Verdict:

Overall, following an A-lister’s self-care routine was surprisingly doable. I loved spending a little extra time prioritizing the things I typically forget about, like tech-free time or meditation. However, the biggest takeaway I got from spending a week as Jennifer Aniston (I mean basically, right?) is that mindset is her secret. Don’t get me wrong: I’m sure she has a team of the best beauty gurus and wellness experts on speed dial and the best products that only money (and fame) can buy. But her actual routines are fairly simple. No two-hour workouts, strict diets, or 5 a.m. wakeup calls are needed to achieve Jen’s lit-from-within glow.

I love that the way she cares for herself is built around mindset. She’s not using self-care rituals as a mask to achieve an “ideal weight” or to stay young forever; she cares about health because she wants to live the longest, happiest life possible. Now if that doesn’t sound like the moral of a movie where Jen would play the lovable protagonist, I don’t know what does. 


Unexpected (and Simple!) Self-Care Techniques To Sneak Into Your Routine



TikTok Invented Yet Another Easy Eyeliner Hack for Hooded and Monolid Eyes

side by side images before and after using tiktok eyeliner hack for monolidsCourtesy of TikTok/@jonisann

Folks with hooded and monolid eyes are rejoicing over a new winged eyeliner hack that is all over TikTok, and with good reason. Drawing that coveted cat eye oftentimes poses a challenge for those who have limited eyelid space because the wings have a tendency to hide inside the upper creases. With TikTok user Joni Sann's video, however, people with monolids or hooded eyes now have a simple solution to creating that perfect winged eye — one that might be even easier than the famous "bat wing" trick. 

Sann's video, which she posted on September 21, currently has over 4 million views. She tells Allure that she came up with the method back in high school after struggling to find YouTube tutorials specifically for "hooded, almond-shaped eyes, or other tapered eye shapes with deep-set creases."

As Sann explains in the video, she used to begin by drawing the wing directly from the outer corner of her eye. Instead, she now "extends the corner of her eye [first] before drawing in [her] wing," meaning that she creates a downward-sloping line at the outer end of her eyelid that extends slightly beyond the end of her eye crease. Then comes the wing. She goes on to explain that she draws the wing "out and up, instead of… you know, vertical."

Her eyeliner tricks don't end there. If you're into lining your inner corners, Sann has a hack for that as well. Rather than drawing a horizontal line, she creates a diagonal line, which she says aligns with "the natural angle of [her] inner corner." 

TikTok content

View on TikTok

TikTok user Momo has also taken a liking to Sann's eyeliner hack. She documented her experience  with a video accompanied by the caption, "THIS IS WHY MY EYELINER NEVER SUITED MY EYES," indicating that she's now found a technique that suits her self-described "mildly hooded, downturned, almond-shaped eyes." 

Momo says she's always watching eyeliner videos, which is why she thinks TikTok brought Sann's video to her attention. "I struggled a lot with eyeliner making my eyes look strange and misshapen, and I think this method really helps accentuate the features that are already there because it follows the natural line of the upper lid," she explains. She adds that she now only uses Sann's technique when lining her eyes. 

TikTok content

View on TikTok

New York City-based makeup artist Tommy tells Allure that extending the line further out isn't necessarily what's making this look work for hooded and monolid eye shapes. It's the fact that "the eyeliner is more horizontal than it is at an angle" and is placed at a "lower angle" than what a rounded eyeliner technique seems to call for. He's all for lining the eye beyond the natural lash line, but he says to "be wary of starting the wing at the corner or bottom lash line up." Placing the wing in these positions "lower[s] the eyeliner."  "A harmonious winged eyeliner will meet the top eyelid and no lower, thus lifting one's eyes and face."

Makeup has no rules, but if you have hooded or monolid eyes and are looking to change how you line them, then consider taking some pointers from this TikTok hack and aim the wings in a different direction.  

25 Products for Beauty Lovers Who Can Only Use One Hand

25 Accessible Beauty Products for Disabilities  Products to Use With One Hand

Courtesy brands. Design by Bella Geraci.

This story is part of The Beauty of Accessibility, our series on inclusivity and representation for people with disabilities in the beauty industry and beyond. 

After I was involved in an accident that paralyzed my left arm a couple of years back, my beauty routine started to feel tedious and frustrating. My everyday struggles regularly included a battle to uncap my mascara or a scuffle to sharpen my eyeliner with one of those tiny makeup sharpeners. (FYI: Those electric pencil sharpeners from elementary school don't do the trick either.) Before my accident, most of the products I was using weren't accessible for people with hand or arm impairments. So I said "nope" to that and set out on a mission to find products that would allow me to single-handedly power through a beauty session like a professional — or at least reduce the number of fights I was having with my makeup.

Due to design, some products are just easier to wrangle than others. But I didn't want to settle at just accessible; after all, you shouldn’t need to skimp on quality to accommodate a disability. Accessibility should be a given, not a bonus. All of the products I've curated here are not only five-finger user-friendly, but all-around winners in terms of quality and efficacy too. Everyone's adaptability journey is different, so you'll need to play around to find which products work best for you. But hopefully, in sharing what's worked for me, I can help you speed up the search process.

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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Everything You Need To Make the Best Coffee at Home

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As much as I love treating myself to a cute little outing of walking to get my favorite Starbucks fall coffee drink or spending a few hours working at a cafe with a delicious latte, my wallet simply can’t handle making that a regular habit. Over the last year or so, I’ve become extremely passionate about making delicious coffee in the comfort of my own home, and let’s just say, my bank account thanks me every day.

I pretty much make myself a homemade iced latte with espresso made in my Nespresso machine year-round, but I like to use the fall months to really experiment and switch things up. Obviously, pumpkin and coffee go together just as well as Lorelai and Luke (get it, an extra coffee reference?), but you can really deck out your at-home barista station with so many things in the fall that you’ll forget about Starbucks altogether.

I’m all about romanticizing the mundane, everyday tasks that life throws at us, so why not start first thing in the morning by making your morning coffee your favorite ritual of the day? Here is everything you could possibly need to make the best fall coffees at home:


Your Coffee Maker of Choice

Making a delicious coffee at home starts with the machine you’re making it in. While we love a store-bought bottled cold brew as much as the next person, investing in a coffee maker you love is definitely worth it in the long run. Whether you need the convenience of a single-serve machine or crave the traditional taste of drip coffee, there’s a machine out there that will be a great fit for you.


Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

Many of our editors absolutely swear by our Nespresso machines for the best barista-level coffee at home.

3 colors available

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Vertuo Next Premium Coffee and Espresso Maker

This smaller, thinner Nespresso is perfect for small spaces.

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K-Mini Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Not only is this K-Mini also great for small spaces, it comes in a few super cute color options.

5 colors available

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Single Serve Coffee, Latte & Cappuccino Maker

If you’re loyal to your K-Cups but want to branch out, this Keurig with latte- and cappuccino-making capabilities might be perfect for you.

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12-Cup Coffee Maker

We can’t forget about our traditional drip coffee lovers—this chic white machine will look great in your kitchen.

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French Press Coffee Maker

For those who want to make their coffee-making process a little bit fancier, a French Press will definitely help you do that.

6 colors available

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Try It: Vanilla Chai Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew
This quintessential fall recipe from Half Baked Harvest is the at-home coffee-meets-chai combo of our dreams.



I am fully aware that some people are very particular about their coffee and would never want to switch it up, but I strongly believe that fall is the perfect time to experiment with fun and festive flavors. There are so many great options out there for single-serve pod drinkers and traditional ground coffee drinkers alike.


Pumpkin Spice Light Roast Ground Coffee

Starbucks, fall, and pumpkin spice coffee are the ultimate trifecta… and you can bring that home with this ground coffee.

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Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Pumpkin Spice K-Cup Pods

I tell everyone I know that these are hands down the best pumpkin K-Cups on the market.

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Bones Coffee

Jacked O Lantern Coffee

Looking to branch out from your usual brands? Try out this pumpkin spice blend from Bones Coffee.

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Barista Flavor Pack Coffee Pods

These barista flavor Nespresso pods will flawlessly compliment your favorite pumpkin creamer.

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Fall Blend Medium Roast Ground Coffee

If you want to be festive but don’t love the pumpkin flavor, this Starbucks Fall Blend is your perfect match.

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A Milk Frother

It doesn’t matter if you’re an oat milk, almond milk, or dairy milk kind of girl. There is one thing I absolutely know: Frothing your milk and/or coffee creamer (pumpkin spice oat milk creamer, anyone?) changes the entire game. It is truly the key to achieving that coffee shop-level feel in the comfort of your own home.

Instant Pot

Milk Frother

This budget-friendly frother has a convenient handle and can make hot or cold foam.

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Original Milk Frother

This $16 milk frother is in all of our editors’ kitchens.

10+ colors available

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Aeroccino4 Milk Frother

Interested in taking your coffee set-up to the next level? This Nespresso frother will help you do just that.

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Try It: Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte
This delicious PSL recipe from Ambitious Kitchen is a dairy-free and naturally sweetened version of a true classic.


Add-Ins and Accessories

Obviously, the key formula to a great cup of coffee is simply coffee and milk (or cream). However, I would make the argument that adding in a few little extras is what really makes the formula complete. You can choose a syrup, sauce, or topping that will make you simply forget about that $6 Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew. 

Jordan’s Skinny Syrups

Sugar Free Skinny Syrups

These zero-calorie, zero-sugar flavored syrups are an ideal option if you’re trying to stay health-conscious this fall.

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Syrup Variety Pack

Craving your go-to vanilla iced latte? Make it yourself with these flavor syrups.

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Etsy | Next Page Prints

Coffee Flavor Syrup Dispenser

Customize your labels to match your syrup collection!

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Gold Syrup Pump Set

These syrup pumps will have you feeling like a real barista in no time.

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Daily Drops

Adding Equilibria’s CBD drops to your fall morning coffee is the perfect way to start your day off right.

Use code THEEVERYGIRL for 20% off your first order!

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Puremade Pumpkin Pie Sauce

This pumpkin sauce is all over TikTok—it’s just what you need to drizzle around your iced coffee glass.

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Pumpkin Pie Spice

Starbucks tops all of our favorite pumpkin drinks with pumpkin spice, so take your at-home coffee to the next level by doing it too.

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Try It: Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew
This Eating Bird Food recipe details how to make your own pumpkin cold foam, so you can have a healthier version of the Starbucks fave right at home.


Mugs, Glasses, and Straws

Although it’s what’s on the inside that counts, what you drink your coffee in can add that lil’ something extra that makes enjoying your coffee so much more special. Pulling a festive, spooky-xseason mug or glass out of your cabinet is sure to put a smile on your face first thing in the morning.

Etsy | Charbonnet Shop

Spooky Season Iced Coffee Cup

Nothing will brighten your mornings more than this insanely cute “spooky season” glass.

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Hey Boo Mug

This $5 mug is the perfect subtle touch for your morning coffee.

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Amazon | HIWARE

8 Pack Reusable Glass Drinking Straws

Glass straws are great if you’re looking for an option that is sturdy enough to stir and easy to clean.

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Etsy | The Groovy Coconut

Feelin’ Cute Kinda Spooky Iced Coffee Cup

The cheeky message and cute design on this glass makes it the iced coffee glass of our dreams.

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Amazon | Nightingale

Silicone Straws

These silicone straws in the perfect fall hues will fit right into your aesthetic Instagram story.

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Etsy | Love In Kyoto

Sanderson Sisters Mug

Do you watch Hocus Pocus multiple times per year? Then you need this Sanderson Sisters mug for your collection.

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Amazon | Libbey

Set of 4 Classic Can Tumblers

These editor- and reader-favorite tumbler glasses are not only great for your iced coffees in the fall, but they’ll also be your go-to for the rest of the year.

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Etsy | NVDsignz

Ghost Iced Coffee Glass

This ghost-covered glass comes with a lid and glass, so you can take your iced coffee on the go.

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7 Weight Loss Tips You Haven’t Tried Yet

Source: Color Joy Stock

I’ve been writing about health for years and have coached dozens of women through their health journeys. In my experience, I’ve learned that nothing is as clickable or buzzworthy as weight loss tips. However, what makes headlines doesn’t usually pan out in everyday life, and the universal obsession with weight loss is not a sign that we’re prioritizing our health but rather that we don’t feel worthy as we are. If you clicked on this article expecting the usual “Eat less sugar” or “Do a HIIT workout” tips, know that that is not what this is. This is not your typical weight loss article you’ll read through and feel discouraged by at the end or forget to actually apply to your life. 

And that’s because Dr. Adrienne Youdim is not your typical weight loss specialist. She isn’t telling her patients to count calories or work out more as a solution. Instead, she focuses on the “why” behind both the desire to lose weight and the inability to lose weight to help each patient achieve self-love and lasting healthy habits. Dr. Youdim is an internist who specializes in weight loss and nutrition and served as the medical director of the Cedars-Sinai Center for Weight Loss before opening up her own private practice in Beverly Hills. Read: She’s helped a lot of patients achieve (and maintain) a healthy weight.

As if her long list of credentials and experience wasn’t enough, she’s also the author of the book Hungry For More, which explains how our emotions or life circumstances affect weight. While she’s a weight loss expert on paper, she’s not like any other weight loss expert. She not only changes her patients’ numbers on the scale but also changes their lives. Struggling with reaching the weight you want to be? Read on for Dr. Youdim’s best tips to achieving your best self. 


Meet the expert
Dr. Adrienne Youdim, MD, FACP
An internist who specializes in medical weight loss and nutrition
Dr. Youdim served as medical director of the Cedars-Sinai Weight Loss Center before opening her own practice in Beverly Hills. She wrote the book “Hungry For More,” an empowering memoir and how-to guide for women looking to reach their health goals and love their bodies.


1. Start with mindset

When you want to change your weight, what’s the first thing you do? Do you start cutting out sugars or processed carbs or increasing your workouts? Dr. Youdim suggested that before any tangible goal, habit, or action, you must work on mindset first if you want to achieve your goal weight (and then sustain it). “How we approach a habit is so critical to our ability to change in a durable or lasting way,” she said. “Without a proper mindset to address the process, the ups and downs, the waning motivation, the negative self-talk, and all the other mental barriers we create, we will not be able to maintain the necessary changes that result in healthy weight.” 

First, identify why you want to change your weight. Is it to feel best in your body, to live a long and happy life, or to get more energy? Coming back to this core motivation frequently will help you stay inspired and make changes based on self-love instead of self-consciousness (more on that below). But if your reasons have more to do with not feeling enough as you are, disliking your body, or because someone else told you you have to, you won’t achieve what you’re looking to feel, no matter what pant size you get to. 


View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Mandy Madden Kelley (@mandymadd)


2. Identify the “why” behind your eating patterns

If you feel disconnected from your eating habits, are unable to control yourself, or eat more than you know you need, the problem is not your “laziness” or “lack of willpower.” The problem is that you’re suppressing an emotional need that you’re subconsciously using food to attempt to soothe. In fact, Dr. Youdim wrote an entire book about the emotional reasons most of us eat a certain way or have certain cravings. “So many of us use food to soothe—this is actually hardwired in our neurobiology,” Dr. Youdim explained. You might think you’re craving a donut or absolutely need a slice of pizza, but your body is actually trying to tell you it needs something else, whether it’s a break, stress relief, emotional comfort, or something deeper. “Know what you are trying to soothe with food. We need to identify what is at the root of our ‘hunger.’ What are you truly hungry for?” 


We need to identify what is at the root of our ‘hunger.’ What are you truly hungry for?


3. Focus on your routine

Imagine this: You’ve (finally) reached your goal weight, so you become less conscious about keeping up those healthy habits and then are frustrated when your body goes back to its old ways. Or maybe you eat more plants, exercise more, and prioritize sleep for a week, and then you get annoyed and stop because you saw no changes after those seven days. Or you’ve tried diet after diets for years, always hop onto different workouts, and never stick to your meditation practice. Sound familiar? The key you might be missing is routine.

“Routine is critical. It allows us to show up for ourselves, even when we don’t feel like it. Every practice that helps us achieve a goal weight help us maintain healthy weight as well.” Be patient with your body. Know that physical changes take time, and you should find comfort instead of frustration in the practices you do for your body. Turn practices that make your body feel good into habits, and give your body some consistency. 


4. Stop restricting

In the past, you might have restricted calories or food groups in order to lose weight. You might have tracked macronutrients in an app or cut out dairy or sugar, all in the name of a few less pounds. Maybe your doctor or nutritionist even told you to restrict, so you were convinced it was a healthy way to lose weight rather than a detrimental practice that could cause weight gain or disordered eating. In reality, restricting and limiting might be stopping you from achieving your health goals. “Restriction invariably makes us want to do the very thing we are trying to restrict: It focuses attention on scarcity, which makes the body thinks it needs more of that food. Restriction also causes hunger, which is just not sustainable,” Dr. Youdim said.

So how do you eat for weight loss instead? “I tell my clients and patients to eat in terms of abundance. Eat so much of what serves you, so that you have less room for what doesn’t.” Yes, that means add more plants to every meal, and you’ll be subconsciously crowding out the foods that don’t make you feel good. Most importantly, eat intuitively rather than based on numbers or percentages.


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A post shared by JULIA🍒 BERIT (@julia.berit)


5. Eat your protein

Between Keto Diet, low-carb, high-fiber, and everything in between, there’s a lot of confusion over the best type of diet and what percentage of macronutrients is best for reaching a goal weight. While the most important step for actually being healthy is to stop worrying so much about dieting and percentages (see #4), Dr. Youdim said that a common issue she sees with her patients is not enough protein. “Protein is the most satiating macronutrient and also helps preserve muscle mass, which then preserves a healthy metabolism,” she said. But before you pull out your macronutrient-tracking app and load up on protein powders, focus on adding more whole foods and nutrient-rich plants to your diet while also eating a balance of clean protein sources like fish, chicken, eggs, tofu, chickpeas, lentils, etc.


6. Improve your sleep and stress levels

If the only factors you’ve considered in your weight loss journey are nutrition and fitness, you’re missing out on key players that can make or break reaching (and keeping) your goal weight. Stress levels and sleep are just as important as food and exercise when it comes to being healthy and reaching a healthy weight. But don’t believe me: Ask Dr. Youdim. “Sleep is crucial. Countless studies show that sleep deprivation results in surging hunger hormones, greater appetite for calorie-dense foods, and weight gain. Stress is also a huge contributor, and it affects our hunger too, both physiologic and emotional.” Your health plan and wellness routine need to include a sleep-care routine and stress-relief plan (whether its daily meditation, weekly therapy, or all of the above). 


You don’t accept your body once when you reach certain health goals. You can reach health goals because you accept and love your body.


7. Love yourself as you are now (no, really)

While this might sound like some fluffy self-help advice your mom used to tell you in middle school, it is actually tangible, concrete advice to reach your goal weight. “We can want to change our bodies and still accept ourselves as we are in this moment,” Dr. Youdim explained. “This is critical because we’ll sabotage ourselves if we don’t accept ourselves. Picture this: You get on a scale and are disappointed at the results. If you accept yourself and hold that disappointment with compassion, you’ll be able to focus your attention on the habits you want to adopt. If you don’t accept yourself (i.e. you get mad at yourself, put yourself down, or feel hopeless), you’re more likely to throw in the towel.” 

In other words, you don’t accept your body once when you reach certain health goals; you can reach health goals because you accept and love your body as it is right now. Love yourself first, and then make changes or form habits because you know what your body deserves. For tips on where to start with self-love and body acceptance, click here for expert advice or here for 10 ways to love yourself more. 


This article is intended to provide inspiration to help you reach your health goals, not as treatment for an eating disorder. If you are struggling with an eating disorder or with disordered thoughts or behaviors regarding food and eating, please seek help. Call the National Eating Disorders Association Helpline at 1-800-931-2237 for support, reach out to a qualified medical professional, or, for a 24-hour crisis line, text “NEDA” to 741741.


Why Losing Weight Didn’t Make Me Love Myself More
and what actually did instead


Celebrating and Learning on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Indigenous Peoples’ Day honors Native American history and recognizes the communities of people who are native to American lands. The holiday is observed in 14 states and more than 130 U.S. cities. Originally recognized as Columbus Day, many state and local governments are now reframing the holiday to more accurately reflect the history of Native communities in the U.S., starting with the popular misconception that Christopher Columbus discovered America.

There are 574 federally recognized and 63 state-recognized Native American tribes in the U.S. that span across more than 56 million acres and 326 land reservations. Federally recognized Native American communities are, by law, viewed as their own nations and maintain their own systems of self-government. Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a time to reflect on the storied, robust experience of Native people on their own land, from the brutal truths of European infringement to the current fight for civil rights and fair land use.


The Evolution of Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Before there was Indigenous Peoples’ Day, there was Columbus Day. Our early school curriculum taught most of us that Christopher Columbus sailed the Atlantic Ocean in the late 1400s and “discovered” what we now know as America. The first Columbus Day celebration was in 1792, 300 years after Columbus arrived. In 1934, Franklin D. Roosevelt declared Columbus Day a national holiday.

Beginning in 1977, the United Nations began a push to recognize the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead of Columbus Day. Those early discussions about changing the name of the holiday hinged on the historical fact that Native peoples were the first inhabitants of the Americas and that already inhabited land cannot be “discovered.” It took a few decades to pick up steam, but more U.S. states and cities have recently recognized Indigenous Peoples’ Day. South Dakota was the first state to recognize it in 1990, and 13 additional states have followed suit since then, with Virginia being the most recent.


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A post shared by Soni López-Chávez (@soni_artist)


Indigenous Peoples’ Day Centers the Existence of Native Communities

The reclamation of Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a controversial topic. While the push for changing the name of the holiday takes place, U.S. cities have also started removing Christopher Columbus statues and monuments. For some, these unwelcome changes are an erasure of history. While it can’t be denied that Columbus has his place in U.S. history, the true erasure is that of the violence and destruction that Native tribes experienced by Columbus and his companions—facts that are often left out of academic and cultural conversations.

For others, Indigenous Peoples’ Day is an opportunity to reflect on history more fully and accurately while honoring all Indigenous peoples. The legacies and contributions of Indigenous peoples are often forgotten—if they are known at all—and Indigenous Peoples’ Day gives visibility back to the communities of people who were here, literally, at the beginning. The day is also important because it directs society’s attention to the experiences of Indigenous communities today. A 2015 study found that 87 percent of references to Native Americans in U.S. school curricula were in contexts that pre-date 1900, essentially ignoring the existence of current Native communities. With more than half of Native American families reporting financial hardship, many experiencing deficiencies in health care and education, battles with governments over tribal land, and egregiously underreported instances of violence and missing persons, it’s a simple yet critical step to place the attention of this holiday back on the communities that are still here and are in the most need.


How to Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day

As more states and local communities recognize the day, the number of celebrations increases each year! Some states dually recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day and Columbus Day, both of which are national holidays that require government offices and buildings to close.

In our pandemic world, many celebrations are hosted virtually, including expert discussions hosted by universities and museums. Some cities host marches and parades that include Native dress, music, and traditional ceremonies. Here are a few other ways to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day:

  • Read a book by a Native American author to educate yourself on Native American history and customs.
  • Watch a documentary on the current Native American experience and issues those living on tribal lands face.
  • Research, support, and purchase art by Native American artists.
  • Go outside and rebuild nature in your community, even if it’s just picking up litter or sitting under the shade of a tree.
  • Send financial contributions to organizations like Partnership With Native Americans or Native American Rights Fund.


Celebration, reflection, and appreciation for Native communities shouldn’t end when Indigenous Peoples’ Day is over. The most lasting way to honor the legacies of Native peoples and hold space for needed changes in present-day Native communities is to continue the conversation. Enlightenment is a continuous journey—one that humanizes experiences that are different from our own and creates opportunities to build from foundations of understanding and togetherness. Indigenous Peoples’ Day is only one day of official recognition, so expanding our knowledge about Native communities on a regular basis will allow us to write a new, more inclusive history that will be truly deserving of celebration for years to come.

Kerry Washington’s Braided Bangs Are Everything We Needed to See Today

Kerry Washington at the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards red carpet posing with red lipstickGetty Images

Kerry Washington is a force to be reckoned with, whether she's acting her ass off on a hit TV show or sharing candid selfies with Instagram fans. The Little Fires Everywhere star manages to do it all while looking gorgeous in straight hairstyles, braided looks, or natural curls. For her latest hairstyle, Washington looks stunning in adorned box braids and a braided fringe that we are obsessing over.

The actor debuted the new protective style in a video to promote National Voter Registration Week. The video features Washington with her stunning braids and also features an appearance by her Scandal costar Tony Goldwyn. These dark brown box braids are small and fall well below Washington's chest, though we can't see the ends due to the angle of the video. The fresh braids are adorned with gold cuffs and mocha-colored beads throughout the ends and in the bangs.

Instagram content

View on Instagram

Speaking of her fringe, the braids at the front of her head end right at her eye line. There are about 12 braids that make up these cute bangs and each one is decorated with two golden cuffs. Though box braids are a popular protective style, we like the detail these bangs and decorations add.

We've seen Washington with bangs before, but this is the first we have seen her with a braided fringe. She shows fans one of the many ways to add not only bangs to your braided style but also hair decorations, which we love. It's only a matter of time until these braids are taken out and she's posting yet another new hairstyle on the 'gram, but in the meantime, we'll be oohing and aahing over these braids.

8 Leggings Outfits That Will Look Like You Actually Tried

Source: Angela Giakas

Is there any win-win situation that compares to wearing leggings? The perfect pair are as cozy as they are cute; as versatile as they are dependable. Like a healthy cupcake that somehow still tastes like a real cupcake, leggings can seem too good to be true, especially when you make them the base of real, put-together outfits.

But no. They’re just too good.

You can sleep, stretch, or sprint a mile in them. But more importantly, you can serve serious looks in them, sans the effort. Take it from these fashion girls, who prove that loungewear can be elevated with just a few key essentials. A single jacket, bag, or sweater can level up your leggings without compromising on comfort. See? Win-win.


1. Lean into sweater weather

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A post shared by M A R I E 🪐 (@__1410.o)

A polished OOTD that feels like you haven’t left the couch? Sign us up. Leggings can quickly become sophisticated with just a striped sweater and an oversized button-up. And the best part? These basics are most likely in your closet right now.


2. Incorporate denim

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A post shared by Kia Marie || Kickfluencer (@thenotoriouskia)

If you’re ever unsure of how to style your leggings, revisit your go-to outfit formulas. The classic white sneakers, white T-shirt, and jean jacket look has never let you down, and this time is no different. 


3. Add another layer (or three)

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A post shared by RUTA (@rutaenroute)

When the temps drop, two things are certain: we (reluctantly) swap our iced coffee with something hot, and we start layering. And layering. Oh, and layering some more. What’s one more turtleneck under this sweater coat under this coat? Remember to throw on a chunky scarf for good measure.


4. Keep it cool and comfy

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A post shared by Kasia Szymków (@jestem_kasia)

This minimalist look delivers maximum comfort and style thanks to a strategic choice of color—or lack thereof. In this case, canvas sneakers, a white pullover, and a baguette bag transformed a pair of typical black leggings into an effortless, repeat-worthy outfit.


5. Make a statement in faux leather

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A post shared by Jean | Extra Petite Blog (@jeanwang)

If you want to look like you tried without actually trying, your best bet might be with a pair of faux leather leggings. They’re sleek, but still soft and stretchy. The best of both worlds. Pair them with suede booties and your most chic coat, and you’ll forget you’re not still chilling at home.


6. Go wild with neutrals

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A post shared by Caralyn Mirand Koch (@caralynmirand)

It’s time to channel your inner leopard, cheetah, zebra, or what have you, because animal prints are in. And neutral colors are, forever and always, in. Your next “I don’t have anything to wear” day has officially been solved.


7. Tell a color story

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A post shared by Kim Seidensticker (@kimseidensticker)

Your pink leggings called, and they want to see the light of day outside of your spinning class. Pair a bright-colored jacket with your bright-colored yoga pants, and enjoy the boost of dopamine all day.


8. Get dramatic and monochromatic

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A post shared by Natasha Ndlovu (@natashandlovu)

When in doubt, a head-to-toe black outfit never fails. In fact, it’s power dressing at its finest. No one will even realize you’re wearing leggings, because your leather jacket will be stealing the show. Complete the monochrome look with a beanie and combat boots for all the edgy vibes.


6 Easy Outfits You Can Wear All Fall Long